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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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sierra lamar disappeared. remains were discove breaking news. human remains found near a bay area college not far from the scene from where sierra lamar disappeared. >> those remains discovered this a rural area near gaffe lab college in bill roy. betty yu was the first reporter on the scene tonight. >>reporter: ken, when i first arrived to the scene i saw search crews wrapping up for tonight and now the sheriff's department has this orchard behind me closed off for this investigation which they are not saying a whole lot about. we only know that some point today human remains were found in this area. tonight we saw crews out here walking around a field filled with trees, shrubs and dirt. the santa clara county sheriff's department says crime
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scene investigators have been out here all night. it is unclear, though how long these remains have been out here or what kind of remains have been discovered for example a skull or bones we also don't know whether they belong to a male or female and who found these remains and if anyone tipped off authorities to this location today. a lot of neighbors have driven by this area checked out all this activity today and wondered whether these remains could belong to sierra lamar. she is the morgan hill teen who vanished about 4 years ago while walking to a bus stop on her way to school. her body to this day has never been found, but police arrested torres on charges of murder and kidnapping. her dna was found in his car and his dna was found on her clothing. his trial is scheduled to begin in april. it is too early to say whether
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these remains belong to sierra lamar we don't know at this point. i am standing about 18 miles away from her sunshine which is the area where she disappear. the santa clara county sheriff's department says they will have a spokesperson out here tomorrow morning to address the media. live in gilroy betty yu. this almaeda man mysteriously disappear. someone dropped off 73-year-old john beck for an appointment on clay street in oakland yesterday he hasn't been seen since. he doesn't very much r have you ever from any medical issues that might cause him to become disoriented or lose his memory. berkeley a trouble discovery. hundreds of buildings need repair work. >>reporter: 8 months after a balcony at a berkeley apartment complex collapsed killing people a new report shows there are 400 plus buildings in
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berkeley that need fixing. according to berkeley property owners have 90 days to fix the problem which include major leaks at some buildings. the berkeley city council voted to require inspections balconies stairs and landings after the deadly balcony collapse last summer. the city council will hear an update on february 23rd. kristin airs kpix 5. dry rot was blamed for the balcony collapse. people who were evicted from this yellow tag department build opening the edge of a cliff at pacifica have filed a class action appeal against the city. they say an expert told them the building is not in danger of suddenly collapsing and they claim their due process rights were violated. el nino storms have battered that cliff side. about 890 minutes ago a stunning decision that
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environmentalists worry could drastically change the future of the california coast. the decision came literally at the 11th hour at a packed meeting of the powerful coastal commission. kpix 5 lynn ramirez is the only reporter in morro bay. >>reporter: this community center is empty now but it was packed for most of the day jam packed with environmentalists who came from throughout california to try and safer the job of mr. lester, the executive director of the california coastal commission. but in the end coastal commission members decided it was time to move on. california coastal commission members emerged from a closed- door door station with a decision that stunned the audience of environmental activists. >> the commission voted on a motion to dismiss the executive director. >>reporter: executive director charles lester was fired by the commission bringing tears to
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eyes of staff members and supporters. >> my town is not what it used to be dirty politics is coming in and it's not fair. >>reporter: lester served for the last four years was under fire for his management style. commission members say he failed to communicate effectively with the board. >> commissioners felt they tried to get what they wanted the performance of the ed and they didn't. so it had nothing to do with any outside forces nothing to do with politics, nothing to do with developers. >>reporter: but that's what environmental groups are afraid of. they think lester was ousted to bring a more developer spendly director who could accelerate. >> he clashed with in orange county now those development interests want to knock him out. >>reporter: he able alaska many there were communication issues with the board.
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>> i offered a path forward to help deal with those issues. communication is a two-way street i feel like i am a good communicator generally speaking. >>reporter: in the coming days the coastal commission will be appointing a new interim director while it begins a nationwide search for a new executive director that could take several months. >> you've been covering the coast day commission for decades how powerful are they? >>reporter: they are one of the most powerful agencies in california. they control what happens on the 1,000-mile coastline. now this is some of the most scenic some of the most expensive real estate in the entire world and virtually nothing gets built on the coast without their approval. so they are a very powerful agency and when it comes to their leadership they are obviously very picky about the type of person that they work with. they want that communication to go back and forth between the
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board and the executive director in a way that helps speed things looking because that's one of the big criticisms of the california coastal commission. >> lynn ramirez in morro bay thank you. president obama back there the bay area tonight one of the big reasons to raise money for the democratic party. air force one touched down at moffitt field mountain view after 7:00. the president will attend two democratic fundraisers tomorrow including one at the home of former state controller steve wesley in at tar ton. he heads for an appearance on the ellen degenerous show. >> san francisco's police chief laid out his plan major changes within the department. mark kelly is at city hall tonight. >>reporter: tonight inside city hall police chief greg
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sure asked the police commission to give his officers tasers while protesters asked for the chief's resignation. >> stop this madness. >>reporter: protesters at tonight's police commission meeting made it clear, they want sfpd over hauled but tasers are not the solution. >> if we're talking about mold fixs to the use-of-force policy they have to be modifications that have humanity in mind and not further arming militarizeing our law enforcement. >>reporter: 2011 doj study found use of tasers can reduce the statistical rate of injury to suspects and officers. chief sure has been under the microscope since this police shooting in december caught on camera. officers say the suspect mario wood was armed with a knife. >> what killed that man was an incredible lack of sensitivity to the value of black life that's what killed him. >>reporter: during super bowl week alicia keys and key
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beyonce' used the bay area spotlight to emphasize black lives matter. the chief says only 5% of specially trained officers will have tasers. >> only supposed to be for a small portion of officers does that make a difference? >> no. i think it's probably intended to just get eventually into the whole force. >>reporter: so no vote was taken tonight. it's also worth repeating that not every officer would be given tasers and other san francisco police chiefs have pushed this taser idea in the past and every time it has failed. live at san francisco city hallmark kelly kpix 5. a berkeley man behind bars tonight police say he turned east bay streets into his own personal demolition derby plowing into dozens of cars including police cruisers. chopper 5 caught his arrest after a wild chase that lasted about an hour. it started around 8:30 morning east 23ed street coolidge
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avenue in oakland it. it ended in berkeley. a victim describes the chaos. >> sigh his car like going off the road hitting cars an swaying them. i pulled over because he hit me. i started honking but he didn't stop so then he side swiped a car this front of me. he hit this bmw. >> oakland police say a pregnant woman is among the victims she's in the hospital. chp picked touch chase after oakland police decided it was too dangerous. they tracked the suspect darrell black man to the north berkeley bart station that's where he ditched his car when a tire came off. a sheriff's deputy and civilian pilot died in a small plane crash tonight. single-engine flight design hit a mountain near springville and burst into flames. cause of that crash is unclear. former bay bridge worker is suing for racial discrimination
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tonight. he told kpix 5 andrea important what about a hang man's noose that appeared at a web site. >>reporter: prentice brown said something at his job made his stomach turn. >> my foreman threw down a hangman's noose. >>reporter: the racial lay charged incident repeat. >> one of the co-workers threw a rope at me told me to put it around my neck. >>reporter: the only other african-american found a rope on his car. james went to a shop steward and reported the incidents. >> they tried to apologize saying that -- he said he was going to take care of it. nothing ever happened. >>reporter: james the father of two says his hours were cut after that and then he was told there was no more work for him. >> that's retaliation which is against both federal hall law and state law. >> i think about it all the time day-to-day. it's traumatic situation for me
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it's something i never experienced. so, it's there in my mind all the time. >>reporter: kpix 5 reached out to the utah based company but did not hear back. on the adams and smith web site the company touts its work on the bay bridge and says they are committed maintaining a company that creates employee pride. the attorney says their actions indicate otherwise. >> they think they are a big corporation that can pick open an individual and nothing will happen. but what we can do we can stand up for mr. brown and make sure that this never happens again. >>reporter: andrea important what kpix 5. >> brown is suing for lost wages and punitive damages. company 2016 tonight the presidential candidates have their eyes on the next battleground states. south carolina and nevada veronica delacruz says the republican feed is less crowded.
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>>reporter: carly fiorina and new jersey governor chris christie suspending their campaigns. christie left his campaign headquarters and refused to answer any questions from reporters. c.ty finished 6th in the new hampshire primary he won just 7% of the vote. fee or ina is throwing in the tall after poor showings in iowa and new hampshire. she ran unsuccessfully for senate in california. the south carolina primary and nevada caucuses are 10 days away on february 20th. veronica delacruz kpix 5. a bilabial introduced would impose a 15% tax on medical marijuana sales. it could generate more than a hundred million dollars in new revenue for the state of california. tonight a budget crisis at uc berkeley university faces a 150 million-dollar deficit. so how is it going to save money? cut jobs make academic programs. the chancellor says nothing is off the table. also tonight it looks like
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someone's out to get bay area dogs. those plastic bags on that table are full of thumb tacks hundreds of them. pet owners are on edge someone has been scattering those tacks all over this popular dog park. it's been going on for about 3 weeks at loney park in hercules. >> i'm calling it intentional act. what the person's actual intent is i don't know. but they did it on purpose. >> we clean up one area next day come back and there would be just as many if not lower. >> police say so far they are unaware of any injuries but a park goer told us one man had to take his dog to the vet when it swallowed one of those tacks. the co-owner of a petaluma slaughterhouse that sold tainted beef is sentenced tonight the chan cho feeding slaughterhouse distributed meat from diseased cows it led to a recall of 8.67 million pounds
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of beef last year. jesse ameral, jr. admitted his involvement in conspiracy to avoid inspections his sentence one year in prison. two tigers at the sacramento zoo were introduced for breeding. reporter says only one of them made it out alive. >>reporter: this sacramento video video shows tiger baja cleaning her cub motherly instincts clearly on display. the video three years ago is from one of baja's three litters at the zoo. >> we lost a member of our family today. >>reporter: but a tiger attack has left baja dead killed in a tragic breeding encounter at the zoo before the gates opened when male tiger attacked baja as the pair was physically introduced for the first time. >> the introduction became aggressive very quickly and my team immediately began efforts to separate the two cats. >>reporter: zookeepers used hoses and those makers to separate the animals. veterinarians tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate
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baja. families at the zoo were only aware the tiger exhibit was closed. >> there was a sign that just said animals off exhibit and you could hear an upset tiger behind the enclosure walls. >>reporter: the encounter had been care think planned by the national association of zoos and aquariums. >> we do what we can on paper to genetically match the animals, and in this case these two were a good match but you just never know how they are going to react once you get them in the same space. >>reporter: in this case the match proved to have deadly consequences. >> we're going to take this opportunity to examine our protocols and our processes. >>reporter: leaving sacramento zoo staff stunned saddened and searching for what went wrong. there was a tack in san diego zoo in 2013. mo hohn was on loan from the
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medical 'tis zoo it's not known yet where he will go now. in sacramento steve large kpix 5. tonight the spread of the zika virus has sit closer to home. there's another case here in california. yolo county health officials are confirming a person has tested positive for a mild case of the virus. >> this person got i februaryed traveling outside of the united states so we do not have any concerns about that currently happening here in yolo county or sacramento. >> the zika virus is spread by mosquitoes it's linked to serious birth defects. from fitness trackers to blood pressure monitors wearable health gadgets are all the range. tonight there's a new device to help figure out if your child is sick instantly. but does it work? we put it to the test. grace and her two-year-old daughter iris are among the first to try it. >> it sounds really cool will it actually work. i'm actually a doctor as well. >>reporter: when iris recently developed a fever grace used a
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new kind of thermometer a soft flexible patch worn like a band- aid under the arm. it continuously measures your child's the and wireless sends the information to a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. you don't have to wake up your child in the middle of the night. >> not for me to get out of bed either. >>reporter: the idea checking your child's temperatures could be as easy as checking your facebook or instagram and your child won't even know it. it's called fever scout an app on your smartphone will alert you if your child needs attention track the fever in realtime and keep a record you can share with your doctor. >> it's great because we can see trend. >>reporter: the device is made by viva link in santa clara it's been tested by emergency room doctor at the mayo clinic as well as paris. >> it's helped us in the development of this product. >> it's b pa free lead free. >>reporter: what makes the
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patch so amazing is hats what's inside a paper thin stretch able circuit known as e skin. it's so thin it's almost invisible. >> you have a very flexible and breathe able and stretch able thermometer that you can wear which is really unnotice able to the user. >> we need to make sure that there's something there for the kids. >>reporter: new deal design of san francisco, his company designed the patch and the app with youngsters in mind. >> eventually after a lot of expressions and sketches we got through to this significant sack. >>reporter: as for grace she said the thermometer was accurate and easy to use, but. >> i think probably the most important thing is my kids like it they don't care at all. it's got the kid vouch for approval and mine too. >>reporter: >> it will be available in just a few weeks. healthy looking kid. >> good looking kid. look like somebody seniors hey liz how are you. here we go with did radar which is once again dry. we could use that, use a change
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but we're not going to see it for the next several days. that's not a good thick for the snowpack. it's down 11% in the past week but 76 pie higher than this time last year. north beach looking good tonight. look at san francisco still right now 11:00 at night 62 degrees. livermore 12 degrees cooler. concord 54. mild night with cloud cover san rafael 48. mountain view down to 50 degrees. ridge of high pressure is moving allowing to cloud cover to move in. yesterday afternoon we had clouds this afternoon but the rainfall stays well to our north. couple of showers clipping far northwest california, but not much closer. future cast i show you there are storms out there but heading well to our northwestern washington for thursday's storm friday more rain for them none for us. saturday more rain for them none for us if anything ha ridge will inch closer to us
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giving us a sunnier milder valentine's day weekend. partly cloudy tonight a little fog for the north bay. another mix of sun and clouds tomorrow another mild day not a drop of rain in sight until next wednesday. that's our only chance of rain over the next 7 days. concord 70 degrees. livermore 72. san jose 74 san rafael oakland around 70. mix of sun and clouds weekend looks sunnier low to mid-70s for valentine's day. maybe we'll turn a corner. we'll have showers in our forecast next wednesday ushering a little cooler pattern hopefully wetter as well. >> that's great to see. >> this bay area coffee shop serves 15-dollar coffey tonight we ask what is so special about it. coming up in the late show with steven colbert ben stiller bernie sanders.
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classified spy satellite so into space. the 'delta four' took off from vandeng air force base' on the centl coast. the rocket is carryi secret government payload f the a rocket carrying a classified spy satellite soars into space the delta 4 took off from
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vandenburg afternoon on the central cold front the rocket carrying a secret government payload for the national reconnaissance office. new cup of coffee in san francisco that will cost you. >> 15 bucks to be exact. the pricey pour over is sold at a shop called equator at 6th and markets. the coffee comes from a rare crop called gear a it's grown on the companies own farm in panama. it's the first year that's been sold would you try it? >> no. >> why would you not pay $15? >> because i can get a lot of good coffee that's cheaper. >> even if it's the most rare coffey? >> i'm skeptical i don't know. i like coffee but i don't know i would pay $15. >> every equator shop got a limited amount of brew we'll have more on sale tomorrow. >> i don't know what the big deal they are charging 15 bucks
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for a beer at the super bowl . >> got a point. >> especially flown in from south america. >> that's very true. i am a buzzer beater you have to see to believe. happy gilmore lives at the pro- am. fight if a huddle never happens at the big 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they remind me of james co's carpool.. "meeeeeeee" 23 losses in 25 ga . phoenix suns right now they are sinking so fast they remind me of james gordon's carpool. 23 losses in 25 games. no wonder they are fighting on the baby of. the sun might be going down on the suns steph curry long three put the warriors up 48-35. curry had 26. 3rd quarter 16 point goal curry goes behind the back of klay thompson three ball he had 24. warriors open it up. phoenix made a late run in the third cutting deficit to 9 but then former sun barbosa regains list balance scores let the all-
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star shower warriors win 128-104. spieth played the pro-am on a sponsors exempts. he will have his own bobblehead in monterey and paired with country singer jake owen when the two last played together spieth made a heck of a first impression. >> he looks at me out of the corner of his eye you want me to happy gillmore this off the tee? no there's tons of people. before i go get out of pie mouthy happy gillmores it down the fairway. it was good for my twitter feed it was reposted many thousands of times. >> university of rochester down 2. sam mares missed it got it back takes it to macmonths grew are you kidding me? wayne show that to me again please. that was a game winner. listen. >> did he get it in at the
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buzzer ken? yellow jackets won the game 77- 76 on that buzzer beater. who do we got for the tournament? tournament picks? >> how can you not go with those guys spieth. >> aaron rogers. >> . >> i am going with jimmy walker. >> jimmy j. j. walker. >> dino might. >> we'll be right back. ,, thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles.
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everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30.
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